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Together For Better (TFB) has been a Henrik Lundqvist Foundation (HLF) Community Partner for 10 years, funding schools, playgrounds and infrastructure and donating supplies for hundreds of students to learn and play. Now our HLF Young Ambassadors are raising funds for FUCPE School and we need your help!!

FUCPE school aims to improve hygiene and health conditions in the educational center, where they now serve 310 children - 154 girls and 156 boys, the majority of whom are Haitian and all of whom are from vulnerable families. The Dominican Republic has become a safe haven for thousands of Haitian refugees including young people and their families especially at community hubs such as schools.

This HLF-funded project aims to build adequate facilities to ensure a safe environment conducive to learning. Currently, the sanitary facilities in the educational center are insufficient and no longer meet the necessary hygiene standard requirements from the authorities, something which recently changed and FUCPE was informed of at their last review. This project addresses this fundamental issue, seeking to ensure that children have access to safe and adequate facilities and that the school can educate in a hygienic environment and help stop the spread of diseases. In an area where children often do not have adequate facilities/running water at home, nor parents with adequate knowledge this is a critical update for the entire community.

Project Objectives:

1. Build adequate and accessible bathrooms for the children of the educational center.

2. Improve hygiene conditions to prevent diseases and promote health, including educational programs during school hours.

3. Keep up to date with requirement from the Ministry of Education

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